How do I create a new account at Anocheció?

ou can easily create a user profile, just by creating a username and password, and filling in the personal information form. We recommend you using your email as username to make it easier to remember.

Why should I create an account at Anocheció?

Once you create your user profile, you will have access to your order history and you will see the status of your order in real time. 

Can I wash the garments?

Each garment has different characteristics and composition. On the care label will always figure the maximum washing temperature, when this is possible. However, in case the garment accepts washing, you can choose a lower temperature to save energy.

Do I need to wash the garments before wearing them for the first time??

All the compositions used in clothes restrict the use of chemical substances harmful to health and the environment. For this reason, it is not necessary to wash them before being used for the first time.

Do the sizes of Anocheció garments correspond with other brands?

The elaboration of ANOCHECIO garments follows standard tables of body measurements. These tables provide measures of a person's complexion that correspond to each size. You can find your size here.

Garments care tips

- Please treat the clothes carefully and follow the instructions on the care label carefully.
- Washing the garment by hand, in warm water and neutral SOAP is recommended.
- The garment should not be squeezed, scrubbing or centrifuge.
- You must wash separately and dry in horizontal.
- Iron the garments inside out.
- We suggest dry washing some clothes.

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