Company Profile

Anocheció is a Spanish family business of recent creation that provides textiles for resting and comfort at home, with elegance and sensuality

Even being aware of new trends in production or import of textile garments from Asian countries such as China where labor and production costs are very low, Anocheció is committed to a product "made in Spain", designed and fully made in Spain.

Sustainable and fair fashion:

Fashion has become a problematic industry by its impact on the environment and the exploitation of millions of workers (including children) all over the world. It is evident that we dress with low prices but at a very high cost and that consumption is growing faster in search of novelty.
Anocheció bets by the quality of the garments so that our products are not disposable. We work timeless fashion to reduce consumption. If our garments are treated carefully following the advice for conservation, they are insured for a long time.

The production of Anocheció garments is reduced and part of the work is handmade.

We are also committed to the respect of human rights in the manufacturing processes. That workers have employment and social guarantees. Our production in Spain ensures compliance with these requirements.

And finally, the relationship between the quality of our garments and its price is very tight.

The inspiration:

It all came in a silly moment, without prior notice. I recreated reading the beautiful pages of a novel on a withered autumn afternoon. From time to time, my eyes intercalate the image of the old book pages that I had in my hands with the sparkling and hypnotic figures represented by the fire in the hearth.

Something was in my mind that afternoon. I was alone, no noise was distracting me. I enjoyed the night portrait provided by the author of the novel, and it came to my memory a morning spent in Tanzania, when cuddled in a few old blankets, we were waiting impatiently to the tracker to announce us the early arrival with a silent gesture from your flashlight. Effectively, a few meters from us were a litter of Lions lazy and sleepy, the way they are prior to the hunt. I have no words to describe that moment. A deep chill slips from my head to the feet, just only by remembering those feelings.

Minutes later, whipping through a fashion magazine, a large headline caught my attention. "The nightwear out on the street”. Below, a carefree model announced a beautiful garment. I was surprised, and then... spark!

If the nightwears out on the street... why not make the dress enters the world of dreams? Following this idea, my head began to process. Out cottons and batistes! Out cocoons and picunelas! And further still, hated t-shirts that accompany every night some women with their huge red lips or puppets of dubious pleasure. The joy of color and sweetness of the tissues to accompany dreams soon became a purpose which I wished to see fulfilled. I associated the garnets, oranges, greens, browns and purples that women of the "masai" tribes exhibit with special elegance, with garments quickly taking shape in my head.

Finally, after a few months of hard work and thanks to a highly committed team to the development of the project, Anocheció is now a reality. And here we are, trying to realize a project that arose a rainy and cold late autumn afternoon, with the same expectation that I watched my first opera, “L'Orfeo” that opened a world of fantasy in my life.

Dedicated to women


My name is María, although the majority of people usually call me Martina. After spending many years of my life teaching, I venture to carry out the difficult and complicated task of fulfilling an exciting dream. A dream that I dedicate to women, to those that came before us, and to those who will come. A small tribute that I dedicate them for their generosity, bravery, courage and fortitude. Because we were subject sometimes undeservedly. Because we are mothers and daughters to death. Because we give everything for our people. Because the misfortunes break our heart. Because if we had more voice in today's society, there would be possibly less conflicts and the world would be fairer. By our solidarity facet. Because we put order in our lives and in the ones of those around us. Because without us, the world would be more chaotic than it is. Because I want to, just as we stand strong during the day, also do so at night. Because we deserve that at the end of the day, a beautiful garment enlightens our eyes and gives us a peaceful rest.

For all of you, and especially dedicated to my mother who took care of me and still does, my children who encouraged and helped me, and my sister who also did it, I offer this small tribute that comes from my heart.

And remember to never stop dreaming...

Martina, founding partner from Anocheció Camisones S.L.


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